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Soil Testing and Aggregates Testing in Illinois
Including Field Compaction Testing and Laboratory Services

Picture of Modified Soil Proctor Test

KAM Solutions, P.C.'s staff has had a wide variety of experiences testing and designing sites with many different types of soils and aggregates. The weather conditions encountered in Illinois, and many of the soils in Central, East Central and Southern Illinois can provide significant design problems, and unexpected issues during construction.  We provide soil testing, including compaction testing, aggregates testing and load bearing capacity testing in all types of construction conditions. We also determine geotechnical characteristics of soil and aggregates in our Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) certified laboratory, using Standard and Modified Proctor tests, bulk dry density tests, moisture content tests, gradation tests, Atterberg Limits and many other tests using American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM International) and IDOT testing methods. We provide soil boring using a hollow stem auger and split spoon sampling for geotechnical and environmental sampling, for classifying soils and aggregates, and for identifying stratification layers using the USCS, AASHTO and IDOT systems.

We routinely deal with the various coarse and fine aggregates used in the area for concrete production and building materials.  We are familiar with the abilities and limitations of these construction materials.  This experience allows us to provide valuable information to the contractors, engineers and architects we work with on our projects. This information is used to build high quality, long lasting and cost effective buildings, roads and bridges.

Our compaction, soil and aggregate testing and services include:

Soil Testing and Consulting Services Overcome Soupy Soil Conditions

We've overcome soils in this condition

List Bullet

Soil and Aggregate Consulting

List BulletMaterial suitability

List BulletBorrow Calculations

List BulletHandling Procedures

List Bullet

Laboratory Soils and Aggregates Geotechnical Analysis

List BulletStandard Proctor Analysis

List BulletModified Proctor Analysis

List BulletSoil Classification and Stratification Analysis

List BulletUnified Soil Classification System (USCS)

List BulletAmerican Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Classification System

List BulletAtterberg Limits

List BulletRelative Density Analysis

List BulletDry Sieve Sizing Analysis

List BulletWashed Sieve Sizing Analysis

List BulletMoisture Content

List BulletTroubleshooting

List Bullet

On-site Soils and Aggregates Testing

List BulletNuclear Density Compaction Testing and Moisture Testing

List BulletLoad Bearing Capacity Testing of Undisturbed Soil

List BulletObservation and Approval of Proof Rolling

List BulletCollection of Soil, Aggregate and Stockpile Samples

List BulletCompaction and Load Bearing Capacity Trouble Shooting

List BulletDetailed Engineers' Documentation of Inspections