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Forensic Engineering and Insurance
Investigations for Illinois and Beyond

Our experienced experts and engineers at KAM Solutions, P.C., located in Central Illinois, perform a wide variety of forensic investigations for the insurance and legal industries, using extensive laboratory and personnel capabilities in buildings, building foundations, materials, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic and microscopic analysis. We routinely pinpoint the root cause and circumstances of incidents and failures - even for the non-routine cases. KAM Solutions offers area wide coverage and specializes in field work. Our willingness to travel is backed up by outstanding staff engineering, research and laboratory work.

Our investigative services include:

Picture of House Fire Point of Origin
Recent House Basement Fire Investigation -
Point of Origin as Determined by KAM

Fire and Explosion     Top

Residential, Commercial, Public and
Industrial Buildings

Cause and Origin

Burner, Heater and Boiler Malfunctions

Electrical Fires

Intentionally Set Fire Investigations

Sprinkler and Fire Suppression Analysis

Fireproofing Testing

Emergency Egress Analysis

Vehicle Fires

Picture of House Mold
Moldy Roof Deck and Rafters Found to be Caused by Lack of Attic Ventilation

Moisture Damage Analysis     Top


Air Conditioning - HVAC Analysis

Mold Damage Analyses

Drainage and Storm Sewer Design Analysis

Freeze and Thaw Cycle Analysis

Structural and Foundation Failure

Dam and Levee Leaks and Collapse

Slope Stability

Sanitary Sewer and Septic Failures

Aboveground and Underground
Tank and Pipe Failures

Roof Flashing Separation Cause of Brick Building Structural Failure
Structural Integrity Investigation - Note Gap Between Parapet Wall and Roof Flashing

Structural Failure     Top

Design Analysis

Construction Quality Analysis

Insect and Fungal Damage

Rust and Heat Damage

Roofing Analysis

Storm and Earthquake Damage

Building Foundation, Footing, Pad and
Subsurface Analysis

Building Shifts, Cracks and Separations

Bridge Failure

Picture of Recent Car Burnout Investigation
Recent Auto Burnout Case

Vehicle and Shipment Investigations     Top

Traffic Flow and Accident Investigations

Mechanical and Electronic Glitch Analysis

Design Failure

Repair Investigations

Bodywork Authentication Investigation

Steering Column Investigations

Seat Belt Usage and Failure

Visibility Analysis

Boat and Rail Accidents

Freight Claims

Product Failure Analysis     Top

Property Damage Assessment

Weld Analysis

Injury Claim Assessment

Warranty and Suitability Claim Assessments

Medical Instrument Design Analysis

Home and Workplace Accidents     Top

Slips, Trips and Falls

OSHA Compliance Assessments

High-Rise Roof Anchor Testing

Confined Space Entry and Rescue

Wrongful Death and Injury Investigations

Guest and Visitor Injuries

The American with Disabilities Act Analysis

Ergonomic Investigations

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Professional Services     Top


Expert Witness Depositions and Testimony

Scope and Damages Analysis

Subrogation Claim Investigation

Engineering Design Evaluation and Approval

Environmental Professional Investigations

Picture of Remote Laboratory Setup
Air Quality Study with Microscope at Field Lab

Laboratory Services     Top

General Testing

Materials Testing

Air, Water and Soil Testing

Microscopic Analysis

Electrical and Electronic Analysis

Software and Firmware Analysis

Chemical Testing

Remote Laboratory Services

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