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Company Philosophy

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Client Relations:The client's goodwill toward and his confidence in the firm are essential to our well-being. KAM Solutions, P.C.'s policies are directed toward maintaining this goodwill and confidence. The firm believes that our success depends on how we are judged by our clients as we endeavor to:

KAM Solutions, P.C. is a general practice firm which provides professional services in engineering, materials testing, environmental concerns and forensics. To serve our clients, the public and the profession successfully requires that the firm and each of its members use their best efforts as they relate to fellow employees, clients and the public.

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1.Always deal honestly and fairly.

2.Be professional in thought, attitude and action when discussing our competition.  (If one cannot say something good about our competition, say nothing at all.)

3.Give the client full value on every service provided.

4.Handle client requests as promptly as possible.

5.Accept client complaints with patience; and quietly and courteously make a full and satisfactory response, exercising tact at all times.

6.Take personal interest and initiative in helping solve client's problems that are within our realm of professional activity.

7.Improve constantly our methods, techniques and knowledge in order to better serve our client's needs.

8.Guard and protect confidential client information.

Public Relations:The firm believes that a favorable impression made on people outside of the company is to our benefit.  Goodwill can both directly and indirectly affect the growth of our business; growth increases the opportunities of all.

The outsider looks upon each employee as a representative of KAM Solutions, P.C. and often judges the company by the actions of an individual.  The firm therefore depends on each person in the firm to always be an ambassador of goodwill.  The employee should feel free to discuss with the public the type and scope of projects in which we are engaged being careful however not to divulge sensitive client information or anything about potential projects or the Firm's financial operations.

Employee Relations:KAM Solutions, P.C. strives constantly to improve itself by:

1.Selecting the highest quality personnel as employees; those that will be a credit to the firm.

2.Training its personnel so that they may develop and grow in knowledge and experience, and that they may improve their professional standing.

3.Offering to personnel and their families the advantages of a group insurance plan and other benefits.

4.Seeking at all times to improve working conditions and develop human relations to the end that the Firm can enjoy a reputation that will attract and hold the most capable people in our profession.

5.Informing personnel of the firm's activities and practices as fully and as promptly as possible.